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FLA 3.0


FLA 3.0 is leading the way in developing approaches for sustainable compliance with labor rights.




FLA 3.0,  the FLA’s new sustainable compliance methodology, is a combination of online and offline tools designed to help factories assess their own level of labor compliance and build capacity to implement system to fill compliance gaps by addressing root causes of labor violations.

FLA 3.0 shifts the monitoring emphasis from policing to partnership. In the partnership approach, the 3.0 assessment reveals substantive information about the factory’s strengths and weaknesses and provides a roadmap for improvement. The results from the 3.0 assessment are used to develop a capacity building program; evaluation of compliance is conducted upon successful implementation of the capacity building efforts and not at the beginning of the process when progress is yet to be made.

...For more on FLA 3.0 please visit Fair labor Association

What FLA TP offers for 3.0

Building the ability of factories to do the things that result in implementation of FLA Code requirements is what this FLA's Sustainable Compliance program is about.  This Training Platform (TP) is the tool being used by the FLA to project capacity building efforts outward.

(SCIM materials are password protected,  if you do not yet participate in the FLA3.0 project but are interested to do so and would like to hear more please contact

  • To understand and manage conflicts in the workplace as well as to help them build effective channels for conflict resolution, please click SCIM J - Dispute Settlement & Grievance Procedure.
  • Get the tools to improve factory’s mechanisms to correct and improve worker conduct and performance, please click SCIM K - Discipline.
  • Get the information to improve hiring process in factories to ensure that the best candidates are selected, please click SCIM A - Hiring.