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SCIM – Advanced module on Worker Retention & Motivation



1. What is this training about? Objective of the Training?

The objective of this course is to improve engagement, commitment and retention levels of the workforce. From an organizational perspective, worker turnover can represent a significant cost in terms of recruiting, training, socialization and disruption a well as a variety of indirect costs. Trainees will learn good practices on how to create motivational working environments in their factories to reduce turnover levels of their workforce.




2. Who should consider this training?

All levels of management and supervision, as well as worker leadership should be considered for this training.




3. How long is this training?

The advanced module on retention runs a total of 1 day.  Adaptations can be made to accommodate to needs.






► If you would like to attend or organize a face-to-face training on SCIM – Advanced module on Worker Retention & Motivation, please contact CSR Trainer Nancy Feng.

If you would like to be certified by the FLA as a local trainer for this course, please contact Yongdong Li.