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SCIM J – Dispute Settlement and Grievance Procedure

1. What is this training about?

The objective of this course is for trainees to be able to understand and manage conflicts in the workplace as well as to help them build effective channels for conflict resolution. The course is divided into three sections. The first section focuses on the real causes of conflicts and provides trainees with specific techniques and skills to use when conflict arises. The second section concentrates on consensus based conflict settlement procedures, specifically mediation as a mechanism to solve conflicts where the parties will continue to maintain a working relationship. In the third section participants have the opportunity to analyze systematic dispute settlement procedures and learn how to install effective procedures for workers to channel their grievances.


In this training, the participants will also learn the following issues:

  • Why it is beneficial for a company to hear the worker’s disputes.
  • Why it is advantageous to have systematic grievance procedures.
  • What characteristics should a formal grievance procedure insure in a company.


2. Who should consider this training?

All levels of management and supervision, as well as worker leadership should be considered for this training.


3. How long is this training?

The advanced level of this training runs a total of 2 days.  Adaptations can be made to accommodate to needs. 


► If you would like to attend or organize a face-to-face training on SCIM J – Dispute Settlement and Grievance Procedures, please contact CSR Trainer Nancy Feng.

If you would like to be certified by the FLA as a local trainer for this course, please contact Yongdong Li